That’s me. Not the giddy camera-cheeser upfront. The chubby-cheeked cherub in the back. Observant. Pensive. Curious. With little desire for hogging the spotlight and painful shyness, I naturally floated to the outer edge of things. Partner in crime when you needed me. The perfect Robin, to your Batman.

“You didn’t walk until you were 16-months old”, my mom used to tease. 

My comeback? “Well, I’m walking now, Mom,” which admittedly was a pretty lame retort. Mom also said I looked like Buddy Hackett. Clearly, she was a shady witness.

What appeared to be my shortcomings as a child were actually strengths to be cultivated. I was an observer of the world, of relationships and how things worked, happy NOT to be in the middle of things, but soaking it all in from the sidelines. Yes, Mom, I delayed my first Frankenstein-esque steps, in favor of perfecting my language skills.

By grade school, I was indeed walking, but I’d also begun to learn the power of words…

  • The guilt-ridden letter to my parents, spilling my guts about the fancy, multi-colored pen I shoplifted, earned me a trip back to the store, with the pen and a written apology.
  • A note to my mom, slid under her bedroom door, outlining why I was too sick to go to school (I wasn’t), and why she should let me stay home (she didn’t).
  • The diary entry, scrawled by my 11-year-old-self, confessing my true love for a boy, professing that I was on ‘Cloud Number 9’, not just plain-old-ordinary Cloud 9.

The written word was always my friend.

When I needed to communicate something important, I always turned to pen on paper like a security blanket. In face-to-face confrontations, flustered and on the verge of tears, I’d lose my train of thought and my point. In writing, I’d find all the right words, pulling on each thread of thought, carefully weaving my message.

My love affair with language is still strong and enduring. From my Buddy-Hackett-beginnings, childhood confessions, and professions of love in the clouds, to client email communications, corporate newsletters, training manuals, and even a resignation letter, words have been there for me as a loyal friend.

Toby Myles Copywriting & Content Marketing exists today, not just because I’m a good writer but because I have a passion for communicating, promoting, and crafting compelling stories. 

  • I love the journey of discovery, as a message unfolds. 
  • I love finding just the right words, each one necessary to make a point. 
  • I love being a part of your team and telling your story. 

I’m the Robin to your Batman.

Life is not meant to be strangled or forced. Weaknesses are often strengths. And just because something is easy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get paid to do it.

Looking for a Robin to partner with your Batman? Let’s CONNECT TODAY and see if we’re a good fit!

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