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What the Heck is a Lead Magnet? And Why You Need One.

In this webinar, Toby talks about what a lead magnet is, and why you need one. She shares different types of lead magnets, and how to craft your follow-up email sequence. Toby provides her framework for attracting, growing and selling via email marketing.

Tri-City Coalition Virtual Meeting

In this presentation, Toby talks about Email Marketing for Nonprofit organizations. Email marketing is a powerful tool for fundraising, membership drives, promoting events, and donor retention. With a solid strategy and consistency, email marketing is an effective part of your overall marketing plan.

Strategy in Small Doses Podcast

In this episode of the Strategy in Small Doses podcast, Toby shares her wisdom on using storytelling and “word banks” to create content.

Sharing a piece of your story helps create the know, like, and trust factor with your ideal clients. And by being real, and sharing stories about your own journey, you build those connections with other people who can relate to the story you’re sharing.

Guest Blog Post for Unstuck Coaching

In this guest blog post for Unstuck Coaching, Toby shares her 10-Ways to Get the Most from Working with a Coach. Based on her own experience as a client of Barb Mason’s, Toby advises right out of the gate to “check your attitude at the door.”

5 Questions With...

The “5 Questions With” is an ongoing series featuring kickass entrepreneurs, community leaders, and other superheroes.

In this segment Toby gives a peek behind the curtain at her business, her big “why”, what she’s overcome, and how she’s the exact right person to do what she does!

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