do you know why your emails aren't converting?

let's start with what you do know...

You're not getting sales, despite having a rock-solid-kick-ass course, program, or membership (that pretty much solves world peace, ish).

Okay, maybe not quite, but close.

And, no or slow sales means:

  • You're unclear about the next right course of action, so you do nothing but stress
  • You questioning whether your offer is any good at all despite pouring your heart into it
  • You're falling behind on revenue goals and wonder if you can even turn it around

This is no time for guessing or just taking a stab at it. Your analytics will provide us with valuable information.

And with a few tweaks to your existing email sequence those numbers will turn around and sales will start flowing

Before you even consider flushing it all down the toilet

How It Works...

First, I'll ask you a few questions, and you'll send me the 3 emails to be audited.

Next, I'll perform my audit and provide you with my findings via Loom.

After you've had a chance to review my findings, you'll schedule a 30-minutes review call to ask questions and discuss next steps.


Hey there,

I'm Toby, certified email strategist and copywriter. I've written copy for health & wellness coaches, course creators, and creative professionals. If my copy is not bringing money in the door for you, then I'm not doing my job.

Words are my jam, but that doesn't mean anything if your customers aren't buying. Let's make that happen!

Toby is a gift from the Universe! To say that she "gets" me and my need to connect honestly with my clients is an understatement. Her marketing emails are engaging, fun, and convert to bookings. Everything is written in my voice but without all the awkward bits. Having her on my team has been such a joy!

Sandra Costello



Toby is a master at capturing your brand voice, connecting with your ideal clients, and writing copy that converts into paying customers. I've worked with her for years to write blog posts, email copy, and sales copy. Toby is efficient, communicative, and delivers on-time which makes hiring her a no-brainer.

Tracy Matthews




Toby's emails and "Calls-To-Action" are leading directly to clients filling out my custom inquiry form and setting up appointments through my website. Toby's first two emails resulted in $12,000 in sales leads, and that was just in the first month of hiring her!

Christine Lupo



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