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Tackle Content Creation with Confidence

“I know I should be creating on-brand content to attract my dream clients, but I never know what to write about.”

“When I sit down to write, I suddenly develop a case of writer’s block.”

“The whole blank page thing intimidates me.”

“I think I’m a pretty good writer, but I don’t know what to write about or

where to even begin.”

If you’ve ever said or thought any of these things, then the

Content Power Hour is for YOU!

How would your business look if you showed up consistently with solid on-brand blogs, emails, and social media and began to attract and convert your prospects into dream clients easily?

How would it feel to have a content roadmap to follow for the next 3-months?

What if you could easily batch your content writing because you already know exactly what you need to create?

Imagine having a solid plan for content creation that you could hand off to a copywriter?

“The Content Power Hour with Toby reassured me that I can turn content creation into a fun, efficient experience. Before, when I sat down to write social media posts, I spent more time whining about what to write instead of just writing. It's time-efficient (and more fun) to work with Toby than to slog through ideas alone. Book a Content Power Hour with Toby and cross that BIG to-do off your list!” 

Michelle LaRue

Sonja Blue Digital Marketing

Quiet that resistance to content creating once and for all! 

The Content Power Hour will gift you

(yes, it will feel like a gift) with:

Three months of content ideas for blogging and email marketing with:

  • My “How-to” guide for repurposing your original content for social media
  • Your customized Power Hour Planner so you’ll know what to write and when 
  • A system to track email metrics, including open rates, click-through rates, revenue, and unsubscribe rates
You’ll learn the exact method I use for my private clients and my business!

What’s included in

the Content Power Hour:

Laying The Foundation

Before our call, I’ll ask you to provide an overview of your business and your dream client/audience via a questionnaire. Then I’ll use this information to guide my preliminary research to be ready for our call.

One-Hour Zoom Call

This is where we dive in and create your plan. It’s like magic! During this one-on-one call, we’re focused ONLY on you and YOUR business as we work through the next 3-steps together:

  • Step One: We’ll determine 4-5 main topic areas that you’ll talk about on an ongoing basis. Think of these as your content “buckets.” They’ll be on-brand and will either entertain, educate or inspire your audience.
  • Step Two: Next, we’ll start to fill your buckets with ideas. Here we get in the flow, writing down whatever comes to mind without editing our thoughts.
  • Step Three: Fill in the planner! Now we’re cooking! Using your ideas from your buckets, we’ll map out your plan using your google sheets Power Hour Planner. This is the GOLD you’ll take away from our call. It’s designed specifically for the Content Power Hour, but you’ll use this repeatedly for content planning.


 FOR ONLY $350

“Part of my job is to create engaging content that I can repurpose, but I was feeling overwhelmed, so I’d procrastinate and slap something together at the last minute. After completing the Content Power Hour, I know exactly what I’m going to create and when. It’s eliminated SO much stress! Toby’s a lifesaver!” 

Isabel Paterson

Pennsylvania Ballet Academy

Get ready to work your plan!

With your plan in place, you’ll feel energized and inspired! The ideas we come up with together are only the beginning. By now, you’ll see the power of the process and will feel confident each time you sit down to write.

You’ll come away from our Content Power Hour with a minimum of 3-month's worth of content ideas. You’ll no longer feel stuck, wondering what to write, or feel intimidated by the blank page.

How you’ll implement your plan after the Content Power Hour:

  • Set aside a day to batch your content and get a few weeks (or even a whole month) written in one day.
  • Write your original content or share your plan with your copywriter (they’ll love you for making it easy for them).
  • Create as much evergreen content as you can, so you can reuse it repeatedly.
  • Repurpose your original content for social media.

The Content Power Hour is magical (just ONE HOUR!), with guided one-on-one support to build your personalized roadmap, create original content, and attract your dream clients with ease.


"I never thought I could map out a whole month's worth of content in such a short amount of time but with Toby's help and organized system, it's totally doable and fun!"

Sandra Costello


Frequently asked questions

What happens if I get stuck after our call?

I’ll be right here by your side with encouragement and weekly emails to help you stay the course.

Can I book a 2nd Content Power Hour?

Of course! Content planning is not one and done! You can book as many sessions as you like. Several of my clients do this every 2-3 months to stay ahead of things

What if I realize I don’t have time to DIY my content marketing?

No worries! In case I haven’t mentioned it, I love to write and can put together a custom package that works for you.

Can I share the plan with my team?

Absolutely! The plan is yours to guide you and your team. When we’ve finished our call, you’ll let me know who needs access to your documents, and I’ll take care of that for you.

Get the tools you need to attract more clients and grow your business- let's get your Content Power Hour booked!