Hey there,

have we met yet?

I’m Toby, direct response copywriter, content marketer, and word geek. I’ve written copy across all industries, including jewelry, health, wellness, coaching, non-profit, and retail. And now…

I just might be YOUR new direct response copywriter and content marketer!

Are we a good fit?

  • You wear too many hats in your business. Sometimes, (usually more than sometimes) your content marketing or copywriting “to-dos” slide to tomorrow, next week, or they never happen at all.
  • You’re a good writer, and you even enjoy writing but just don’t have the time to generate effective marketing or sales copy for your business.
  • You’d prefer to have a root canal over writing a blog post, email sequence, or newsletter.
  • Your last copywriter wrote more like an attorney, writing a legal agreement rather than a marketing email.
  • You’ve worked with copywriters before, and the results always miss the mark, leaving you feeling misunderstood.
  • Here’s how we’ll work together...

    You talk; I listen. Not just to what you say, but how you say it. I ask questions and take my time getting to know you and your business before I ever write one word. When I feel confident I can write to your audience, your copy and marketing content will be effective, optimized for SEO, and in YOUR brand voice.

    And here’s the BEST PART… I make it EASY and fun!

    Need a little more convincing?

    Here’s what my clients have to say…

    We never run out of things to write about

    “Right from the beginning, Toby set up an ongoing blog brainstorm board, so we never run out of things to write about. Her blog writing started converting to sales immediately!”


    Christine Lupo Jewelry


    Toby is low-key and high performance

    "I hired Toby to be the voice of my blog and marketing materials. She’s nothing like me but somehow manages to write in my brand voice. Toby is low-key and high performance!"


    Unstuck Coaching


    An integral part of my marketing and sales success

    “I am well on track to reach 100k in sales this year. That’s almost doubled from last year! Toby’s copywriting has been an integral part of my marketing and sales success!"


    Cristina Amador Jewelry


    Wanna know more? Twist my arm…

    I LOVE words. Big ones, small ones, and made-up ones. When I was little, I’d slide handwritten notes under my parent’s bedroom door to convince them how sick I was (I wasn’t) and why they should let me stay home from school.

    For 15-years, I worked in direct response marketing, or what most people call junk mail. It was somewhat embarrassing to admit at cocktail parties, but it’s where I learned more about the art of persuasive copywriting.

    Beyond writing effective copy I believe in strong black coffee, NFL football, and peanut butter cup ice cream. These simple pleasures replenish my creativity and make me a better writer. Plus, who doesn’t love ice cream?!

    I’m addicted to yoga, smoothies, and BIG salads. I could totally be a vegetarian, except I’m also addicted to BBQ ribs.

    I LOVE copywriting, content marketing, and ALL of the things you need to grow your business or sell your products and services. But more than that, I love my clients like I love my friends, which makes my work feel not at all like work.

    And I love sipping a good whiskey and riding my motorcycle… but never at the same time.

    If you’re ready to hire me (smarty pants), schedule a kickoff call, and let’s get this party started. And by “party,” I mean your project, not breaking out the whiskey… although that would be fun too.

    Still not convinced? Let’s hop on a call, share a cuppa coffee (or tea) and get to know each other.