Full disclosure, I didn’t invent the idea of repurposing a blog into multiple social media shares. I’m not that clever. But I use these tips in my business because I’m lazy, and I adhere to the following principle, “less is more.” And by less, I mean less effort with more results. Who doesn’t want that, right?

Below are the simple steps to turn ONE Blog Post into 42 social media shares across all of your channels. These don’t even include sharing on podcasts, vlogs, or stories, but I believe in YOU! Once you get in the groove, you’ll probably come up with even more ways to share…

Write the blog!

  • Make it at least 300-words, but no more than 2000-words, and ideally somewhere in between.
  • Anything less than 300 is not enough, and anything more than 2000, umm really?
  • Nobody wants to read that much about anything.

Share your blog post across all of your social media channels.

  • Depending on where you show up, this might be anywhere from one to five platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • Wherever your clients are, share it there.
  • This is 5 shares.

Write an email to your list and share your blog post there.

  • Not the whole thing, just a little snippet, and then send them to your website to read the full blog post.
  • This one serves multiple purposes. You connect via email, and you inspire your audience to visit your website where they’re likely to make a purchase or fill out your contact form. Boom!
  • This is 1 share.

Pull out three sentences from the blog, and turn them into graphic quotes.

  • Use an app like Canva to create on-brand graphics around the quotes and then share these on your social media platforms.
  • At a minimum, share across Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, and spread them out over several weeks.
  • This is another 9 shares.

Take three paragraphs from the blog and turn them into mini-blogs.

  • Add photos or graphics, similar to the previous idea, just a little longer.
  • Share across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn. Wherever your clients are hanging out.
  • This is at least 9 more shares.

Wait a month or two, and repeat the previous two steps.

  • Chances are, your audience won’t remember, and many of them may not have seen the original posts at all due to those pesky algorithms.
  • Repost the content you already created. We’re going full-on LAZY mode!
  • This is 18 re-shares.

Refresh the blog next year, and repeat ALL of the steps!

  • Say whaat? Yep. Especially if the content is evergreen or even tied to a holiday like Valentine’s Day.
  • You can spiff up the original content with a refresh or update and cycle through all of the previous steps yet again. Booyah!
  • Another boatload of sharing opportunities!

So, I suck at math, but even I can see that this ONE 300 to 2000-word blog post translates to at least 42 shares, and double that if you do the refresh in a year. How do you like that?

Okay, time to get busy writing that blog post! If you’re struggling to figure out what to write or to plan your blog content, grab my FREE Guide: From Blocked to Blogging to give you some inspiration.

No time to DIY? CONTACT ME to schedule a 30-minute discovery call to clarify what you should be focusing on in your business, and where you need help.

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