Tell your stories to grow deeper connections that lead to more sales

through the power of unignorable emails

And, if you’re still working to build your email list and need some inspiration around creating an opt-in that will make handing over their contact information a no-brainer, you need to grab this. It’s my free guide that includes 99 juicy lead magnet ideas.

You’ve put your whole heart plus a sh*t ton of hours into creating your offer and you and I both know your clients need it.

Now what?

If sales are trickling in, but it’s a slow painful drip, or you’re not getting the wildly successful flood of yesses you’d hoped for, I can help.

Together we’ll uncover your golden story nuggets, and weave them into an effective email strategy that delivers your brilliance into the hands of your dream clients. It’ll feel like magic.

But it’s not.

It’s top-shelf messaging, based on voice-of-customer research, mixed with your authentic stories… the ones only you can tell (adios ChatGPT*).

*I know, you want ChatGPT to sound just like you, but it can’t. ChatGPT doesn’t have your stories. Only you do.

Toby is a master at capturing your brand voice, connecting with your ideal clients, and writing copy that converts into paying customers. I’ve worked with her for years to write blog posts, email copy, and sales copy. Toby is efficient, communicative, and delivers on time which makes hiring her a no-brainer.

Tracy Matthews


3 steps to turn window shoppers into customers

You and I are a team, which means my process is deeply collaborative…


We’ll combine what you already know about your audience, with the language they use and competitor research to understand what matters to your ideal clients and how to deliver so that it’s an easy ‘yes’.


We’ll start with your ideal outcome and create a road map for how to get there and an email strategy to take your audience from ‘Thanks I’m just looking’ to ‘Where do I buy’.


The result is powerfully engaging copy that combines research, strategy, and your unique stories so that you’re selling in a way that feels like an easy conversation with your dream clients.

Whether I’m writing for you, or coaching you on your copy, the process is the same…

Armed with a deep understanding of what your people need and a framework to weave in your one-of-a-kind stories, you’ll get a fresh and compelling email strategy and copy that has your ideal clients begging you to swipe their credit cards.

Toby is a gift from the Universe! To say that she “gets” me and my need to connect honestly with my clients is an understatement. Her marketing emails are engaging, fun, and show value to my clients. Everything is written in my voice but without all the awkward bits. Having her on my team has been such a joy!

Sandra Costello


Hey, I'm Toby and I LOVE storytelling and email marketing.

Even more than that, I love combining the two into a powerful force to connect you with your audience and make more sales.

After being in business for a few years, I decided that instead of doing all the things, I’d turn my focus to be the BEST at ONE thing …

Storytelling and selling through email.

Toby is a fantastic email strategist and copywriter. I had the pleasure of working with her. Her strategies make sense, her plans are well informed and her copy is a delight to read. If you can I strongly recommend you work with Toby.

Joanna Wiebe

The original conversion copywriter and creator of Copyhackers

If you're a good human,

doing amazing work, with honesty and integrity, we’ll make a great team. Here’s a few ways we can work together…

Private Story + Copy Coaching

This is for you if:

You have a good handle on copywriting but you’re missing those golden story nuggets that make your copy convert to sales.

What working together looks like:

You’ll get private and personalized attention that addresses your specific projects, questions, and goals.

Packages start at $275

VIP Days

This is for you if:

You have a very specific email project that needs to get done in a reasonable amount of time.

VIP Days are perfect for:

  • An email welcome sequence with a 1 page PDF lead magnet freebie
  • Other email automations such as: abandoned cart sequences, post-purchase sequences
  • General nurture emails

Packages start at $1500

The CopyMasters Collective

A growing group of solopreneurs who meet every week to give and receive feedback on copy and content so that it converts like a mofo. We weave our personal stories into our emails to connect with our audiences and make more sales.

It’s like a copywriting mastermind without the jumbo price tag. If you want to be considered for membership the first step is to answer just 6 questions. If you’re a good fit, I’ll schedule a call to chat about the next steps.

Need help with something else?

Working with Toby Myles is such a treat! She has a real gift for seeing through the fog of imprecise copy, helping you clarify your message, and genuinely connecting with your ideal audience. Although I had a landing page that I felt was in pretty good shape, she STILL coached me – carefully and in detail – on all kinds of ways to make it even better.

Wendy Pitts Reeves

Private Practice Coach | Host, Ideal Practice Podcast

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